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Fri Feb 13

Reading the Bible “Literally”


Whether or not somebody reads the bible “literally” has become a litmus test for where somebody stands theologically. Both sides use it. I’m not sure either has thought about it. I don’t know anybody who reads the entire Bible wholly literally. The Psalms are stuffed full of figurative languages. Does the sun run around the earth in Ecclesiastes? Not literally—but that’s not the point of the passage. Other passages and numbers are obviously approximated. Did Jesus feed 5000 people, exactly? Did a fire marshall count them? Did any of the parables actually, literally happen or are they … parables.

The question of belief isn’t whether the Bible is considered “literal truth.” The first relevant question is where we think it is talking in fact and where we think it is talking in metaphor. The second question is which of the claims we take believe.

Dan’s missing the good passages. Was Jesus literally a vine, and us literally branches? Was he a gate of a sheepfold? Were the pharisees literally yeast? And did all 2 million Isrealites speak in unison? Jesus himself says he uses figures of speech, so a purely literal interpretation is problematic.
Thu Feb 5

The Best is not a Myth


If someone is worth $100,000,000 to a distressed company, we lose an awful lot of money if we let him go because we wouldn’t pay him more than $500,000 to stick around.
Has offering obscene amounts of money really ensured the best people have been hired? In retrospective, it seems that it only attracted the greediest people….
Sun Jan 25

I vacuumed. Kirana was a little bit nervous, but she saw me smiling, so she smiled too.

Fri Jan 23

Hello world!